Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Biggest Bucks shot in 2012 Minnesota Rifle Season!

Both of these Non-Typical bucks taken in the 2012 Rifle Season have a good shot of being placed on the top 15 Biggest Bucks in Minnesota All-Time.

The first buck was shot near Osakis, MN by Osakis' Josiah Hetland and Alexandria's Aaron Gould.  The huge non-typical whitetail buck had 22 Scorable Points and green scored 236 6/8 Inches.

Josiah Hetland (left) and Aaron Gould (right) with the "Red Willow Buck"
More about their hunt can be read here -
The second buck was shot near Sebeka, MN by Dylan Beach and was a buck I covered in an article a few weeks back.  Dylans buck has 27 Scorable Points and is rumored to have green scored around 241 Inches.

Dylan Beach and "The Cornstalk Buck"
More about Dylan's hunt can be read here -
As the Minnesota Record Book stands, anything above 234 1/8 would put either of these Non-Typical brutes in the Top 15.  Below are more Trail Camera Pictures of Dylan Beach's Cornstalk Buck!  Enjoy!  


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